Team Rosters

Thank you so much everyone for your patience with the rosters. These teams are still pending district decision but we’re ready to proceed so we can begin practices. Just be aware that some changes may still occur. Congratulations to the following members of South volleyball 2017!!!


Kaila Abraham

Aria Wanek

SiSi Mitchell

Rosie Letofsky

Maija Feriancek

Addie Scott

Leah Vanek

Ellie Meier

Sydney Miller

Ariah Dieffenbach

Adia Granberg

Thora Schierkolk

Bailey Thompson

Haley Cooper



Hazel O’Brien

Jana Miller

Reyna Hibbard

Claire Hennen

Nora Logie

Bo Coultrip

Justine Outtier

Camryn Benjamin

Olivia Dynneson

Emma Schulz

Jaiden Uttley

Rodney’ya Walker



Nancy Yang

Hanna Ford

Clara Casperson

Annie Oace

Rayna Acha

Estelle Harsh

Alizey Gervais

Marie Venberg

Sonya Maier

Hayley Morgan

Sarita Venkatrathnam

Elena Kehew

Olga Schierkolk


9th Grade

Megan Gustafson

Esme Lamere

Ellie Barnett-Cashman

Reese Hennen

Helene Francis

Delilah Mitchell

Emily Stricherz

Juna Fenton

Madison Pohl

Ella Blazina

Alexis Crow

Lucia Reinert

Sara Shriver

Justine Persigehl-Flak

Misha Donnelly


Reminder for all members, there is a mandatory parent meeting at 5:30 in the commons at South. Welcome to the team!!


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